A Forest Services Directory for Landowners

Forests are complex ecosystems - professional assistance and the right information can help landowners make the best decisions about the care and management of their forests.

This website will help landowners find the right forest service provider to meet their specific needs (e.g., forest consultant, tree marker, logger, tree nursery, etc.). These service providers can help landowners better manage their forests to achieved their ecological, economic and/or recreational goals, while protecting and enhancing forests for future generations.
Forest Services Directory - There is no easier way to find the help that your need to better manage your woodlot. Our directory contains information about hundreds of individuals and companies who provided services to woodlot owners - forest consultants, tree markers, loggers, saw mills, tree nurseries and many more.
Woodlot Marketplace - If you are looking to sell, buy or trade forest-related products then the Woodlot Marketplace is for you. Browse our classifieds for standing timber, lumber, logs, forestry equipment, etc.
Seed & Trees - Whether you are planting one tree or a thousand trees, the most important thing is to make sure that you're putting the right tree in the right place. Learn how to select quality seedlings and why seed source matters.
Forest Conservation Bylaws - Learn about the history of forest conservation (tree-cutting) bylaws in Ontario, check to see if your municipality has a bylaw and get the answers to many of the frequently asked questions about forest conservation bylaws.
Forest Management - Proper planning is the key to better woodlot management and good forestry practices can provide a wide variety of economic and environmental benefits to the landowner. The directory can guide you through the management planning process with helpful tips and resource information.
Useful Links & On-line Publications - Access a select list of the best forest management resources available on-line - websites, reports and features articles.
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