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The Forest Services Directory is the woodlot owner's one-stop shop to locate a forestry professional or forest service provider in Ontario. You can search for information on services provided by forest consultants, tree markers, loggers, tree nurseries, saw mills, forest health technicians and other forest-related services and specialists.


Business Details
Contact: Marvin L. Smith, R.P.F.
Address: 570 Riverview Dr., Listowel, Ontario N4W 3T7
Phone: 519-291-2236
Fax: 519-291-1914
General info

Registered Professional Forester providing advice and assistance with the following services: impartial advice/assistance in selling standing timber, including selection of trees and marking, reforestation of erodible or idle land, follow-up tending of young plantations, windbreak planning and establishment, woodlot management planning, diagnosis of insect and disease problems, conducting educational programs in woodlot management, and any other woodland or tree concerns.

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