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Business Details
Contact: David Bartram
Address: 3 King St, Guelph, Ontario N1H 4P4
Phone: 519-836-8774
Fax: 519-836-6141
General info

History: David Bartram began operating as Bartram Reforestation in 1991 with a commitment to supplying expert treeplanting services throughout Ontario. By 1996, attendance at the Ontario Certified Tree Marker Training Program led to a custom horse-logging operation, suited to small-scale southern Ontario woodlands. As “global change” accelerated, an Invasive Species program was developed to help control unwanted species such as Common Buckthorn, Dog Strangling Vine and Phragmites.

Current Operations: Operating since 2016 as Bartram Woodlands Ltd, the company now employees 12-15 employees year-round and up to 35 employees seasonally. Staff includes a Registered Ontario Professional Forester, 3 Forestry Technicians, 6 licensed Forestry Pesticide Applicators, 3 Certified Professional Chainsaw Operators, 2 Certified Ontario Tree Markers, 2 full-time Operations Managers and 1 full-time Forestry Management Coordinator. We supply private Forest Management Plans, Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program (MFTIP) plans, and Silvicultural Planting Plans. Bartram Woodlands is a Program Delivery Agent with Forests Ontario and deliver 50 Million Tree Program funding to subsidize new planting projects over 1Ha. We also supply Timber sale, treemarking and harvest monitoring services for both conifer and hardwood forests. Our work crews can supply all manner of treeplanting services, forestry herbicide application, site preparation, brush cutting and custom small-scale logging services.

Forest Management Services: Bartram Woodlands Ltd combines a range of practical and technical forestry services to address the rapid ecological change within urban and rural forests. Our primary focus is on providing budgeted, operationally practical forest management services, to gradually address key forest health issues within southern Ontario woodlands. Our core principal is that by growing healthy trees and forests, which can better withstand a changing environment, long-term forestry management costs will be minimized. Rather than reacting to each new crisis, we aim to find preventative solutions, that can be gradually implemented, within the scope of realistic operational budgets.

Services:· Forest Consulting · Private and Municipal Forest Management Plans · Managed Forest Tax Incentive Plans (MFTIP) ·   Silvicultural Plans and delivery of the 50 Million Tree Program (50MTp) · Integrated Invasive Species Management Plans · Timber sale and harvest monitoring services · Herbicide application · Treeplanting ·

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  • - All Ontario Counties,

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