Woodland Emergency First Aid Kit, comes with a Emergency Lifesaver pouch and Tick Removal Pouch

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Price includes HST The OWA Woodland Emergency First Aid Kit is designed to manage a wide range of injuries and emergencies on and off your woodlots and could potentially save a life. The OWA Woodland Emergency First Aid kit contains three parts: 1. First aid materials in an OWA logo bag, 2. OWA logo LifeSaver pouch, and 3. OWA logo Tick Removal pouch. First Aid bag Includes a wide range of items for treatment of medical emergencies ranging from minor scrapes and cuts to wound care/trauma, eye injuries, and fractures/sprains. This deluxe first aid kit contains enough materials to help a woodlot family with injuries that could be self-treated, before medical staff arrive, or attended to at a health facility. LifeSaver pouch Includes a hemostatic dressing, two pressure bandages, and a tourniquet for quick containment of life-threatening bleeding in the event of a chainsaw, axe, or saw injury. The LifeSaver contents are packaged in a small bag with a clip that can be easily stored with the first aid bag or removed and taken with you into the bush. Tick Removal pouch Includes all the necessary tools for safe tick removal and wound care including a magnifying glass to remove and identify the tick. The small pouch is portable and can easily be taken with you in any tick area.

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