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Bancroft Chapter

Chapter Board
  • Chairman - Fred Werner
  • Co-chairman - Jody Peters
  • Director - Colleen Baehre
  • Secretary/Treasurer - Jody Peters
  • Communications - Barbara Szita-Knight
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The Bancroft Chapter began in 1996. The Bancroft Chapter began to grow and accumulated other landowners, mill operators and some harvesting contractors. In 2002 Fred Werner, a local consulting forester, took over as the chair of the Chapter. Rather than harvesting, the Chapter's emphasis has shifted more to woodlot health, maintenance, wildlife, recreation and nature appreciation. Its AGM has had a variety of speakers and displays, usually with good media coverage. Also, the Chapter became involved in the maintenance of a local MNR white pine seed orchard, providing annual student awards for both the local Northern Outdoor Studies program and the Northern Environmental Research and Development Studies program at North Hastings High School, and gave financial support to the Bancroft Field Naturalists organization for some of their educational programs. Other Chapter outings and programs, such as woodlot tours and chainsaw safety and maintenance courses, have been held for woodlot owners.

In late 2017 a leadership transition team, composed of old and new executive members, was formed to help out newer members in leadership and to encourage new ideas and ventures. Jody Peters has joined Fred as Co-chairman. Colleen Baehre is now a member of the Chapter Board. Jody Peters holds the position of Secretary-Treasurer and Barbara Szita-Knight is our new Communications Director.


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