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Are you selling standing timber? Are you looking for a used chainsaw? Perhaps you want to trade your small tractor for a bigger one?
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Book of Friends

On behalf of all the Ontario Woodlot Association, we would like to thank the following individuals for their gift. The Association is grateful for their generosity and support of the "Friends" Program.

Chad Acorn

Joe Banbury

Jennifer Barr

Gaye Beckwith

Ryan Beckwith

Jenny Belanger

Big Clear Lake Association

Grace & Sheila Elliott Boehme

Erica Boot

Cecil Bryson

Walter Buckle

Cathy Bull

Collin Claus

Deb Coburn

David Craig

Amy Crook

Sara Daignault

John Dennis

Desert Lake Association

Mike Dibb

William Dunlop

Andrew Eagleson

Don Ellis

Rosemary Empey


Deborah Farr

Lesley Fenton

Norman Fenton

Dave Fielding

Frank Flynn

George Graham

Brendan Gray

Al Hamel

Lorne Horner

Andrew Hough

Elwood Hughes

Lora Ishikawa

Gerry Jenkison

Claudia Jones

Marjorie Jonkers

Elaine Kellogg

David Kellogg

Gary Kembel

Klaus Keunecke

Carl Kimmett

Lyn Kimmett

Jim & Ruth Lamb

Wilbert Lavecque

Chris Lansbergen

Brad Leonard

Steven Lindsay

Robert Lloyd

Ed Long

Ian Mansen

Brian Matthews

Alastair McLean

Vicki McMulloch

Todd McIntosh

Tyler McIntosh

Gray Merriam

Steven Moore

Ron Murray

Bert Needham

A. Esther Parry

Beth Parry

Dylan Parry

Kevin Peters

Cody Pietrangeli

Dave Remington

Tom Rendell

Curtis Reynolds

John Rodgers

Rodney Rogalsky

Colin Rossborough

Bryan Schaafsma

Vicki Schmolka

Sandra Semple

John Sexsmith

Lois Sexsmith

Gwen Smith

Harold B. Smith

Megan Sonneveld

Shelia Stene

Peter Stenzl

Steff Stephansson

Matthew Stephansson

Kevin Stethem

Rick Sweet

Bob Taylor

Grant Thompson

Juile Thompson

Teo Vandennakker

Peter VanOrder

Ken Tulloch

Joan Wood-Brant

Adolf Wynia

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