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Sample Contracts

Several excellent resources are available to landowners to help them prepare a contract (e.g., for a timber sale or for hiring a consultant, etc.) that will benefit both the landowner and the service provider. Listed below are several sources where a landowner can obtain sample contracts.

Timber Sale Contracts:

Sale of Standing Timber Contract, Ontario Woodlot Association, from A Landowner's Guide to Selling Standing Timber.

Timber Sale Agreement, LandOwner Resource Centre, Extension Note from Selling Standing Timber (page 6)

Hiring a Consultant:

Hiring a Consulting Forester, Department of Forest Ecology and Management, University of Wisconsin.

How to Choose a Consultant, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food, AGDEX 057.

Using Sample Contracts

A clear contract will help to ensure a successful business transaction. However, prior to using any sample contract there are two important points you should consider. A sample contract is a generic document. It is easy to copy the contract verbatim thinking it will cover all of your needs; however, in many cases it may not be adequate. Use a sample contract only as a general guide - it should be customized to suit your specific needs.

It is wise to have a lawyer review any draft contract. A lawyer's experience and expertise is comparable to the advice you seek from a forest consultant about management options in your forest.

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