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Waterloo - Wellington Chapter

Chapter Board
  • President - Shawn Saulnier
  • Secretary - Gregory Parker
  • Treasurer - Pete Williams

The Waterloo-Wellington Woodlot Owners’ Association (WWWOA) was originally founded in 1995 as an association of woodlot owners interested in the forests of the Waterloo/Wellington Area. Our membership includes people interested in improving the quality and health of woodlots and increasing the long-term financial returns from their property.

In February 2005, the WWWOA joined the provincial organization the Ontario Woodlot Association (OWA), as the Waterloo-Wellington Chapter. As a regional Chapter of the OWA we now have the support of a provincial association, access to additional resources (e.g., newsletter, increase ability for networking, resource publications, etc.), while continuing to foster a strong and active local presence within our community.

The objectives of the WWWOA include:

  • To promote responsible woodlot management and provide opportunities to learn about forest management, woodlot operations and wood use;
  • To provide technical advice about forest management;
  • To assist members in marketing forest products; and
  • To serve as a voice for the interests of the association with respect to legislation, taxation and regulations as they affect private property and business interests.

Our annual activities vary according to the needs and wants of our members. We work in partnership with the Waterloo Stewardship Network and Wellington County Stewardship Council in organizing field trips to woodlots, sawmills, etc. We also host conferences and workshops for private landowners with forestry experts, the forest industry and woodlot owners on topics like tree marking, log grading, forest certification, tree insect and diseases, logging practices, invasive species, etc.

We invite those interested in Waterloo/Wellington forests to join us to share your ideas and gain “hands on” experience with managing your woodlot.

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