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OWA Board of Directors

President: David Sexsmith

Vice-President: Tony Bull

Executive Committee: David Sexsmith, Tony Bull, Richard Lalande, Peter Hill and Paul Robertson.

Directors: Craig Appleyard, David Braet, Paul Butler, Ron Casier, Kerry Coleman, Bob Currell, Neil Dunning, Stuart Giles, Dorothy Hamilton, Terry Hoover, Fred Huszarik, Katalijn MacAfee, Cliff MacLean, Brian Paradoski, Dan Romanoski, Shawn Saulnier, Lorne Smith and Don Willis.

Past President: Pieter Leenhouts

Audit Committee: Katalijn MacAfee and Tom Adamchick

Nomination Committee: Paul Robertson, Dan Romanoski and Rick Wilkins

Please consider adding your voice to the OWA provincial Board of Directors. Help us meet the challenges of a growing organization - woodlot owners acting for fellow woodlot owners. If you or someone you know is interested in serving as a Director, please contact a member of your Nomination Committee. For further information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at the OWA office at 613 713-1526.

For chapter presidents and directors, please view our Chapters page.

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  • Smith Family
    Smith Family

    For the Smith family, their connection to the forest goes back over a century, and at least four generations. Located in what’s known as the Frontenac Axis, their woodlot has the mixture of white pine, white cedar and sugar maple typical of that landscape.

    Kallista Smith joined the OWA after attending a field day, and immediately got involved on the Limestone chapter board. Her mother, Tracie, followed suit at the next AGM, and Kallista’s brother Justin joined the next year, after returning back to the area from college.

    The Smith family has always been interested in identifying plants in the forest and have already hosted one field day on their family property. Tracie is in the process of registering a forest management plan under the MFTIP, something she heard about after joining the OWA. The family wants to host another event, this time in the spring, with a focus on wildflowers.

    As Justin puts it, “Belonging to the OWA introduces you to like-minded people. The return in education is well worth the membership.”

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