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OWA Board of Directors

President: Paul Robertson

Vice-President: Art Shannon

Executive Committee: Kerry Coleman, Dave Ferguson, Paul Robertson, Art Shannon, and Don Willis

Directors: Craig Appleyard, David Braet, Paul Butler, Stanley Caveney, Barbara Clark, Joe Csafordi, Neil Dunning, Stuart Giles, Olivia Groff, Dorothy Hamilton, Elizabeth Heale, John Haak, Fred Huszarik, Jim Marchand, Brian Paradoski, Dan Romanoski, Shawn Saulnier, Dave Sexsmith and Alan Wells

Past President: David Sexsmith

Audit Committee: Tom Brownell and Fred Huszarik

Nomination Committee: Barbara Clark, Paul Robertson and Rick Wilkins

Please consider adding your voice to the OWA provincial Board of Directors. Help us meet the challenges of a growing organization - woodlot owners acting for fellow woodlot owners. If you or someone you know is interested in serving as a Director, please contact a member of your Nomination Committee. For further information, contact the OWA office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For chapter presidents and directors, please view our Chapters page.

Coming soon:

Listing of Committee members for the Communications Committee, Business Development Committee, Chapter Support Committee and the Outreach Committee.

Member Profile

  • Thom Snowman, Limestone Chapter
    Thom Snowman, Limestone Chapter

    Thom Snowman has spent most of his life in New England—outdoors. During a decade in outdoor education, he got to know Canada through bicycle and canoe trips and grew fond of the north woods. After the career that followed, as a forester working in Boston’s water supply forests, Thom was fortunate to be able to retire in Canada, where he and wife Carol have settled in the Napanee area.

    As Thom began searching out ways to exercise his interest in forests and forestry, he found and joined the OWA. He says, “While there are many common species and similar natural resource issues (invasive species, impacts of climate change, etc.) in Ontario woodlands and New England forests, they are also distinctly different both in the details of their physical make-up and in the human community charged with their care and management. OWA is a model organization for addressing the concerns of anyone who has realized the critical link between our forests and our future. Personally, I am fortunate to have found an excuse to wander private woodlands and get to know their owners here in southern Ontario!”

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