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Here are some of the benefits of being a member of the Ontario Woodlot Association

The Ontario Woodlot Association serves all Ontarians interested in maintaining our “green” environment in a healthy state. Those who wish to participate in our environmental visions and activities are invited to join the OWA to enjoy a sense of purpose, working on behalf of all Ontarians.

Got a problem or need some help?

The OWA Chapter structure allows members to participate with others close to home in “hands-on” activities such as workshops, woodlot tours, demonstrations, and other learning activities. Membership gives you access and reduced rates to Chapter and Provincial events.

Want important information conveniently delivered directly to you?

OWA members receive both our monthly emailed e-Letter News From Around the Woodlot and our The Ontario Woodlander (formerly called the S&W Report). TOW is also mailed to you. Both provide practical how-to articles on woodlot management as well as news of people, events, and issues affecting the management and ownership of private forests in Ontario.

Need an online knowledge resource and hard copy materials?

Members can register for a login and password (www.ontariowoodlot.com) which will allow access to a wide variety of information, including in the near future, the ability to download full-volume back issues of the quarterly publication and A Landowner’s Guide to Careful Logging and A Landowner’s Guide to Selling Standing Timber (also available in print).

Have an opinion you want people to hear?

The OWA is recognized as a leader in promoting sustainable forestry practices on private land and as a collective voice for woodlot owners and others interested in sustaining our forest cover. We speak to the government about issues which concern us all and work to have legislation enacted which provides benefits to all Ontarians. Add your voice to ours and get involved.

Canadian Federation of Woodlot Owners (CFWO)

The OWA is a part of the CFWO Committee whose members include woodlot associations from across Canada. The Federation provides a common voice for woodlot owners and their Provincial associations and addresses national issues such as woodlot taxation (woodlot income and intergeneration woodlot transfer issues), Federal forestry and environmental policies. For more information, please go to www.cfwo-fcpb.org.

Forest Certification Working Group

The OWA continues to participate as a partner with the Eastern Ontario Model Forest in a forest certification initiative in for southern Ontario. The objective of the initiative is to provide opportunities for private woodlot owners to have their forests certified under the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certification system.

Ontario Professional Foresters Association (Private Woodlot Committee)

The OWA participates as a member of this standing committee of the OPFA Council. The mandate of the committee is to (1) work with private land foresters and other resource professionals so they can advance as professionals through mentoring and training; (2) to identify emerging issues, assessing their priority and whether they warrant action; (3) to promote best management practices in the private land setting; and (4) to develop, support development of and/or review materials (e.g. practice bulletins) and activities to forestry professionals.

Like to save money?

The OWA has joined with a number of organizations and companies to provide its members with an array of savings on forestry related products. Our Woodlot Marketplace is THE place for woodlot owners to use FREE non-commercial classified ads. It helps you to find, buy, sell or trade forest-related products.

Our Forest Services Directory helps you to locate professional and forest service providers nearest you such as forest consultants, loggers, tree nurseries and many more!

Annual General Meeting, Woodlot Conference and Tour

Agenda Conference April 5, 2019

Agenda Conference April 14, 2018

Agenda Conference April 29, 2017

Agenda Conference April 16, 2016

Agenda Conference March 21, 2015


Member Profile

  • Alan Wells, York/Durham Chapter
    Alan Wells, York/Durham Chapter

    I planted my first tree as a Junior Forest Ranger in the summer of 1957, at Windy Lake Provincial Park. Sixty years later I am still planting trees. I have planted as a volunteer for the Watershed Committee in Uxbridge and as Chair, Rouge Park Alliance, and for other volunteer groups. With my wife, Anne, and our family we have planted at least 12,000 trees over 40 years on our 27-acre property in Uxbridge. Our home property had a five-acre mixed hardwood bush when we moved in back in 1975, and we have gradually turned 20 additional acres of hayfields into a forest that has a conservation easement and MFTIP.

    We have a hobby maple sugar operation of 100 taps and harvest our own Christmas trees. Our forest plan includes a meadow for our feathered friends, including bluebirds and bobolinks.

    I have learned a great deal since joining the OWA, through workshops and literature, but mainly from talking and working with fellow members.

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