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Kawartha Chapter

Chapter Board
  • President - Eleanor Reed
  • Vice-President - Jeff Bond
  • Secretary - Linda Touzin
  • Treasurer - Pat Buxton
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Location - the Kawartha Chapter comprises the region primarily west of Peterborough, north to Minden and south and west into the Region of Durham. This is a uniquely diverse geographic area – it encompasses the Oak Ridges Moraine to the south, rich farm land throughout the central portion of this region, and the Kawartha Lakes. To the north of the Kawartha Lakes, one enters the limestone shield and finally the granite shield areas. Although woodlots in the south are within easy distance of a road, our northern woodlands can be remote – frequently accessible only by a long hike, ATV or 4-wheel drive, and occasionally by canoe or air.

The woodlands of this region reflect the diversity of the geography. High value upland hardwood woodlots can be present throughout, but are most common in the south. Many conifer plantations are present as a result of the Ministry of Natural Resource’s Woodland Improvement Program of the 1970’s and 80’s, when 100,00-150,000 seedlings were planted annually in each county. Cedar and other lowland woodlands are very common.

Membership - the Kawartha Chapter was formed in 1993, with a current membership of about 140.

The majority of chapter members reside or own woodlands within easy commuting distance of Lindsay, where the board of directors meets on 4-5 occasions annually. Many woodland owners within our region live in the Greater Toronto area, or beyond. Management issues and landowner concerns are many and varied – all can benefit greatly from the information services and landowner events provided by our Chapter, whether or not they are members.

Membership advantages and activities - from the earliest years, the Kawartha Chapter has promoted sustainable forest activities and provided educational opportunities for its members, as well as the woodland community at large.

We partner with Kawartha Conservation, Sir Sandford Fleming College (Lindsay) and Peterborough Stewardship Council to offer the annual Kawartha Woodland Conference. In its 27th year (February 2020) this popular event attracts approximately 200 people with workshops, vendors, a silent auction and an awesome meal.

Members enjoy an annual general meeting, usually in mid spring, featuring indoor and outdoor activities. Depending on the interests and requests of members, we organize 2-3 low cost ½ day forestry tours and workshops each year.  

As with other non-profit organizations, we depend on the active participation of qualified volunteer members. If you own a woodland or forestry related business, we encourage new members at large, hope you will attend one of more of our several events (whether or not you are a member) and, should time permit, consider a more active involvement on our board of directors.

Country Lane Maple project - The Kawartha Chapter of the Ontario Woodlot Association will provide up to 5 Red Maple or Sugar Maple saplings at a subsidied rate to its members. Trees must be planted by the member on their private property. The Chapter will pay half the cost or $35/tree. The cost to members is only $35/tree. Maple_Lane_Brochure.pdf

Forest Primer Consulatation Program - The Kawartha Chapter of the OWA and local member consultants are partnering to pass a special discounted consultation service on to members. For only $150 plus HST you can recieve a half-day Forest Primer Consultation valued at over $250. Forestry_Primer_Ad.pdf

Butternut Recovery Program - New in 2020, the Kawartha Chapter is promoting  a Butternut Recovery program. The Forest Gene Conservation Association (MNRF funded) is our source for DNA tested Butternut seedlings (Juglans cinera) Our members may purchase up to five seedlings to plant on their own property. The $25.00 cost per seedling is split 50%-50% between the member and Kawartha chapter.

The two year old stock are in pots and are located in Bethany for approximately a May 1 pickup.


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