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Woodlot owners need to be able to access the best science and learn how to apply it in the management of our forests. Understanding the economic benefits, ecological impacts, selecting the most viable management option, and making sound financial decisions is imperative to sustainable management.

Providing woodlot owners with key information on woodlot management is an important goal of the Ontario Woodlot Association and we hope that you will find the following publications and articles featured on our website useful.

A Forest Landowner's Guide to Internet Resources

States of the Northeast

Published by 
Northeastern Area Association of State Foresters

A Guide to Stewardship Planning for Natural Areas

Published by 
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

A Land Manager's Guide to Conserving Habitat for Forest Birds in Southern Ontario

This guide offers a clear, practical overview of careful logging practices

A Landowner's Guide to Careful Logging

Learn the importance of careful logging from planning to post-harvest.

A Landowner's Guide to Selling Standing Timber

Managing your woodlot for profit and pleasure...

A Photographic Treatise on How Best to Grow Veneer Quality Lumber

An account of growing, and pruning hardwood trees (30 to 60 trees per acre), for the production of high quality veneer lumber.

A Plantation Establishment Program to Sequester Atmospheric Carbon

Discussion and recommendations on a national program to establish forest plantations on unused or marginal cleared lands.

A Short Explanation of the Role of Forests in the Kyoto Protocol

For those who have an interest in carbon sequestration in forests and forest carbon credits.

A Silvicultural Guide for the Tolerant Hardwood Forest in Ontario

Published by 
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

A Silvicultural Guide to Managing for Black Spruce, Jack Pine and Aspen on Boreal Forest Ecosites in Ontario

Book 1: Silviculture in Ontario

Published by 
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

A Silvicultural Guide to Managing Southern Ontario Forests

Published by
Ontario Minisitry of Natural Resources

A True Picture

Taking Inventory of Your Woodlot

Published by the Eastern Ontario Model Forest


Category: Forestry

Beech Bark Disease in Ontario

A Primer and Management Recommendations

Ontario Forest Research Institute,
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

Best Management Practices

A Practical Guide for New Brunswick’s Private Woodlots

Published by 
Fundy Model Forest

Buffers Protect the Environment

Category: Water and Wetlands

Building a Case for Good Forest Management

An summary of the eight case studies of landowners and their forest management.

Building a Pond

Category: Water and Wetlands


Category: Forestry

Butternut Tree

A Landowner's Resource Guide

Learn important information about the identification and management of this species at risk.

By The Cord

This article provides reference tables that will be of interest to landowners who cut their own firewood.

Can Forest Birds Cope in a Managed Woodlot?

Learn about the effects of large-scale forest loss, fragmentation, alteration of breeding habitat and changes to wintering grounds on bird populations.

Cavity Trees in Your Woodlot

You can manage your forest for a multitude of objectives that will bring years of satisfaction to you and your family.

Cedar Leafminers

Category: Insects and Pests

Choosing the Right Tree

A Landowner's Guide to Putting Down Roots

Climate Change

Implications for Forest Ecosystems and Forest Management in Eastern Ontario

Common Pests of Trees in Ontario

Published by 
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

Conserving the Forest Interior

A Threatened Wildlife Habitat

Category: Forestry

Eastern Hemlock

Category: Forestry

Extension Notes: Careful Logging Practices

Selecting the Right Harvesting Equipment

Outlines the best uses of various types of commercial harvesting equipment.

Forest Management Guide

For Conserving Biodiversity at the Stand and Site Scales

Published by 
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

Forest raptors and their nests in central Ontario

Published by 
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

Forestry Code of Practice

Private Land

Developed by woodlot owners, the code promotes sustainable environmental and financial operations within the framework of the woodlot owner's objectives.

Fuelwood, the Environment and the 21st Century

A look at fuelwood as accessible renewable green energy for rural Ontario.

Improving Fish Habitat

Category: Water and Wetlands

Invasive Exotic Species in Your Woodlot

Invasive exotic species have the ability to affect the survival of a number of native species.

Linking the Forest and the Factory

This report provides an excellent look at the wood purchasing behaviour of Ontario’s value-added wood industries.

Log Scaling - Doyle Rule

On method used by Ontario's forest industry to measure the volume of hardwood sawlogs in FBM.

Log Scaling - Ontario Log Rule

On method used by Ontario's forest industry to measure the volume of hardwood sawlogs in FBM.

Managing Ash in Farm Woodlots; some suggested prescriptions

This document provides several examples that forestry specialists can use to develop alternatives for managing ash in southern Ontario woodlots.

Managing for Mast Trees

This article discusses how landowners can maintain and enhance mast production in their woodlot.

Managing Regeneration in Conifer Plantations

To Restore a Mixed Hardwood Forest

Category: Forestry

Managing Your Forest in a Changing Climate - NEW

Managing Your Forest in a Changing Climate

Published by 
Published by the Renfrew County Chapter of the Ontario Woodlot Association; April 2015

Managing Your Woodlot in a Changing Climate

Climate change and your forest stewardship plan.

Non-Timber Forest Products in Ontario: An Overview

Non-Timber Forest Products in Ontario: An Overview

By: Gina H. Mohammed


Ontario Natural Selections - Because Seed Source Matters

It's all about putting the right tree in the right place - Ontario's native trees and shrubs have adapted to specific climates and sites.

Ontario Tree Marking Guide

Part of the MNR Science and Technology Series

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

OWA Brochure

OWA Brochure

An overview of the benefits of OWA membership.



Category: Forestry

Preserving Water Quality

Category: Water and Wetlands

Private Woodland Owners

Meeting the Stewardship Challenge

Published by 
Canadian Model Forest Network and Natural Resources Canada

Protecting Fish Habitat

Category: Water and Wetlands

Red Oak

Category: Forestry

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