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AGM & Conference 2021 Recordings

2021 AGM and Conference Recordings

 If you missed all or any part of our virtual conference, or just want to review one or more of the presentations, we offer you the following links to the recordings…

NOTE:  these meetings require the passcode to be entered to view - you can copy and paste


Annual General Meeting   -  Passcode:       8ZV2J7=V

              Watch AGM Recording> 


Student Woodlands Career Forum   -  No Passcode required

             Watch Student Panel>


Night One  -  Passcode:     Q.u3Hgn&

            Watch Conference Night 1 Recording>


Night Two   -   Passcode:     Tz#V6g2s

            Watch Conference Night 2 Recording>


Night Three    -    Passcode:     *$3CuvzU

            Watch Conference Night 3 Recording>


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