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The Forest Research Partnership

The Forest Research Partnership is to identify, develop and implement ecological sustainable and scientifically defensible leading edge forestry practices required to maintain and enhance an ecological viable supply of quality fibre to Tembec mills, and to communities those mills support, over the long-term.


Forintek Division is an international Research Institute organization and is committed to the ongoing prosperity of the Canadian wood products sector. It delivers technological solutions, conducts market and economic studies, plays a key role in the development of building codes and standards, and provides training services related to many aspects of manufacturing.

Find Organizations to Help you with your Planting Project 

The Trees Ontario Foundation has a web-based search engine to assist landowners seeking tree planting services in their area. This search engine allows users to search for local agencies that provide tree seedlings, planting information and planting services by using key words and interactive maps.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency

The Forestry Section of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is responsible for the development of forest policies that prevent the introduction and spread of regulated pests into Canada. This is achieved through the development and refinement of policy directives and import requirements targeting the control of known and newly discovered invasive pests and their related commodity pathways of introduction.

Conservation Ontario

Conservation Ontario is a network of 36 conservation authorities (CAs) across Ontario. Conservation authorities are community-based environmental organizations dedicated to conserving, restoring, developing and managing natural resources on a watershed basis.

Eastern Ontario Model Forest

The Eastern Ontario Model Forest (EOMF) is a group of dedicated people working together to sustain and ensure the health of the forests of eastern Ontario. Through a variety of projects, the EOMF is encouraging the adoption and implementation of sustainable forestry principles and practices by landowners and other forest stakeholders.

Ducks Unlimited

Founded in 1938, Ducks Unlimited Canada is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of wetlands for the benefit of North America's waterfowl, wildlife and people. To date Ducks Unlimited has secured and protected more than 18-million acres of habitat, established nearly 6,000 projects and is formally recognized as the nation's most trusted and respected conservation organization.

Ontario Nature

Ontario Nature (FON) protects Ontario's nature through research, education and conservation. FON works to conserve woodlands, wetlands and wildlife, and preserves essential habitat through its own system of nature reserves. FON's Southern Ontario Woodlands Project promotes communication and information exchange about woodland issues in southern Ontario.

Forest Ontario

Forests Ontario was created as a result of the merger of two not-for-profit organizations: Trees Ontario and the Ontario Forestry Association (OFA). Trees Ontario was committed to the re-greening of Ontario through tree planting on private rural lands, and the OFA was focused on education surrounding the management of our forest ecosystems.

Forest Gene Conservation Association

The Forest Gene Conservation Association (FGCA) is a not-for-profit corporation of government and non-government organizations and individuals. The FGCA promotes the maintenance and restoration of the genetic diversity of Ontario's native woody plant species. The FGCA has initiated Ontario's Natural Selections, a seed and stock certification program, to help ensure that adapted seed sources are used in planting programs to ensure the long-term health of these forests.

LandOwner Resource Centre

The LandOwner Resource Centre (LRC) is a one-stop shop for accessible, knowledgeable, objective information about natural resource conservation and incentive programs. The LRC also functions as a call centre for special programs, serves walk-in clients and provides exhibit resources.

Natural Resources Canada (Canadian Forest Service)

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) is a federal government department specializing in the sustainable development and use of natural resources, energy, minerals and metals, forests and earth sciences.

Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters

For more than 70 years, the Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters (OFAH) has worked to ensure that present and future generations can enjoy the province's lakes, streams, forests and wildlife. With continued support, the OFHA will remain the province's leading conservation organization and a guiding force in promoting the wise use of Ontario's fish and wildlife.

Ontario Forestry Safe Workplace Association

The Ontario Forestry Safe Workplace Association (OFSWA) is a strategic partner in Ontario's occupational health and safety system. It provides training, consultation and related services to the forest industry, with a focus on the elimination of workplace illness and injury.

Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association

The Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association (OMSPA) was formed in 1966 and has members in 11 districts across the province. A provincial executive committee oversees five provincial program committees - finance, marketing and promotion, membership/communication, quality assurance and research and technology transfer. OMSPA is a member of the North American Maple Syrup Council.

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

The purpose of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry is to provide opportunities for resource development and outdoor recreation for the continuous economic and social benefit of the people of Ontario; and to administer, protect and conserve public lands and waters. The ministry's programs are concerned with the use of the physical resources of land, water, trees, fish, animals and certain minerals for resource utilization and recreation.

Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

The vision of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food (OMAF) is "Ontario - an innovative world leader in responsible, sustainable and environmentally sound agriculture, food and rural development." The ministry plays a key role in bringing a strong agricultural and rural perspective to provincial policies. OMAF also works with other ministries to resolve local economic issues and assists rural communities in retaining and attracting business.

Ontario Professional Foresters Association

The Ontario Professional Foresters Association is responsible for the regulation of the practice of professional forestry in Ontario so that the public interest may be served and protected. Anyone practising professional forestry in Ontario must be a member of this association.

Ontario Stewardship

Based in the southern part of the province, Ontario Stewardship links landowners, land interest groups and agencies with funding, information and expertise to encourage the best land stewardship practices on private land.

Ontario Tree Marker Program

If you are looking for information on Ontario’s Tree Marker Training Program or seeking the services of a certified tree marker visit the Ontario Tree Marker website. You can find a listing of certified tree markers working in your area and get information about the tree marker training program.

Stewardship Canada Portal

The Stewardship Canada Portal is being developed to support a stewardship knowledge network (in response to the premise that information is essential to good stewardship). The Internet portal provides a simple entry point to access information, resources and contacts specifically related to stewardship.

Stewardship Network of Ontario

The Stewardship Network for Ontario provides a forum for organizations that represent stewards to collaborate in ways that make them more efficient in fostering sustainability.

Trees Ontario Foundation

The Trees Ontario Foundation (TOF) is in the process of revitalizing Ontario's tree-planting efforts on private land through the development of an unprecedented partnership between all organizations with an interest in replenishing Ontario's private land forests. Why not visit their Web site and learn more about TOF’s new partnership with Natural Resources Canada. A partnership, that will provide landowners with financial incentives and technical assistance, to establish trees on their property under the Forest 20/20 program.

Wildlife Habitat Canada

Wildlife Habitat Canada (WHC) is a national, non-profit, conservation organization established in 1984. WHC works through partnerships with communities, landowners, governments, non-government organizations and industry to find effective solutions to complex environmental problems facing wildlife habitat.

Want to Learn About Heating Responsibly with Wood?

The Wood Heat Organization Inc. is a non-commercial information service that supports people in the responsible use of wood for home heating through their website http://www.woodheat.org/.

Online since 1996, the website has helped millions of users from around the world. Over 130 articles cover the whole range of topics that people want help with, including how to buy the right wood stove, how to prepare perfect firewood, how to start and maintain fires, and how to move heat around your house. Each year, the site’s content is reviewed, refined and updated.

The WHO is Ontario based, funded by donations only and completely volunteer operated. The website’s hosts have a combined 100 years of professional wood heating experience in everything from appliance manufacturing, retailing, standards development and research.

If you have questions about wood heat, this is the place to visit.

Wood Rings and The Age of Trees

Teaching students about the aging process of trees. Recommended by Lylah.

Ottawa Valley Wood

A Directory of all things wood

Think Wood

A research Library 


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