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The Ontario Woodlander (formerly called The S&W Report) is the Ontario Woodlot Association’s official newsletter. TOW provides you with timely, informative and useful information that will assist in you in the management of your woodlot. Visit the quarterly publications library where we feature a number of interesting articles from past editions. The newsletter is published quarterly and a subscription is available through membership in the Ontario Woodlot Association.

We encourage members to submit articles for publication, classified ads, questions or comments. Your feedback is always welcomed. Opinions expressed in The Ontario Woodlander are those of the contributing authors, and do not necessarily reflect the policy of OWA.

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Advertising Details

  • Classified Ads for Members

    As a service to the OWA members, The Ontario Woodlander will make space available for non-commercial ads. For example, if you want to find a contractor to do some work, buy or sell a piece of machinery, the classifieds are available to you at no charge. Simply email us the text of your ad, maximum of 30 words.

    Commercial Advertising Rates (Cdn funds plus tax)

    Advertising space is available in The Ontario Woodlander to commercial enterprises, at the following rates:

    1/8 Page - $ 105.50
    1/4 Page - $148.50
    1/2 Page - $192.50
    Full Page - $275.00

    *Prices are subject to change without notice. Please contact the OWA or Brenda Tonn for more information.

    We are able to reproduce existing ads or would be pleased to design something completely new for you (additional design costs may apply). To accommodate your advertising needs please contact Brenda Tonn of Paperworks at (705) 778-7393 or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Newsletter Deadlines for Ads and Article Submissions

    Fall/Winter edition - November 1st
    Winter/Spring edition - February 1st
    Spring/Summer edition - May 1st
    Summer/Fall edition - August 1st


Information on this website may be accessed and downloaded, but please do not reproduce or duplicate without the consent of the OWA.

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