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Are you selling standing timber? Are you looking for a used chainsaw? Perhaps you want to trade your small tractor for a bigger one?
Welcome to the Woodlot Marketplace. Classified ads to help you find, buy, sell or trade forest related products. The Ontario Woodlot Association's Woodlot Marketplace is the place for woodlot owners to place FREE non-commercial classified ads that will reach other woodlot owners.

31 Acres of marked standing timber,American Beech,White Birch,white Ash,Popular located on a 75 acre site two miles north of Grandbend. Also a...
5 months, 11 days ago
Hi Fellow Woodlot owners... looking for an inexpensive, used log hauler for maintenance of dead trees on my 100 acre woodlot. currently managing...
5 months, 4 days ago
i am looking for anybody that has tree lot removal or clearing land needed thanks
3 months, 10 days ago

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