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Forest Management
Creative Conservation, A Handbook for Ontario Land Trusts

Are you looking for information on establishing a land trust? This guide provides you with advice about how to effectively establish and manage a land trust in Ontario. Topics include: legal aspects, building community support, setting priorities, land acquisition and land stewardship. (171 pages)

Available from: Ontario Nature, Centre For Land and Water Stewardship

Code of Forestry Practice

This voluntary code is designed for landowners, wood operators and resource professionals. The code discusses the principles of sustainable management, management planning standards and forest operation standards. (61 pages)

Available from: Eastern Ontario Model Forest

Logging Damage: The Problems and Practical Solutions - Report No. 117

This report is for resource managers and landowners who are planning harvesting activities. It provides an excellent overview of three different papers written about the impacts of logging damage and provides useful and practical recommendations for lessening damage while carrying out harvesting operations. (68 pages)

Available from: Ontario Forest Research Institute - Ministry of Natural Resources

Making Cents out of Forest Inventories - A Guide for Small Woodlot Owners

An inventory acquaints the owner with the characteristics of their woodlot and helps them to plan how to protect, manage and use it. This guide outlines the type of inventory information that you need to collect to effectively manage your woodlot. It also explains the different techniques that can be used to collect woodlot information. (32 pages)

Available from: LandOwner Resource Centre

Making Your Woodland Pay: Financial Aspects of Property Management

This booklet can help answer some of those difficult and confusing land ownership and taxation questions. It promotes the idea that there is more to gain from a well-run woodlot than a simple tax break. Topics covered include: developing a business plan, tax issues for woodlot owners, a legal profile of a business and basic property rights. (26 pages)

Available from: The Forest Shop, LandOwner Resource Centre

Taking Stock: Preparing an Inventory of Your Woodland

Good management decisions are based on sound inventory information. Preparing an inventory for your woodlot is an important step in the process of making the right management decisions. This guide leads landowners through the process of preparing an inventory for their woodlot. This information will form an essential part of their management plan. (46 pages)

Available from: LandOwner Resource Centre, Ontario Forestry Association, Centre For Land and Water Stewardship

Understanding the Financial Costs and Benefits of Private Woodlot Management - Financial Aspects of Property Management (Vol. 2)

This booklet was written for landowners and forest managers who have some woodlot management experience and financial analysis knowledge. It provides information about how to conduct a financial analysis of woodlot management activities and features several case studies. It is a supplement to the publication Making Your Woodland Pay. (36 pages)

Available from: The Forest Shop, LandOwner Resource Centre

Wood-Take a Stand and Make it Better

This guide provides landowners with an overview of the general concepts of woodlot management. Topics include: developing a plan, general management practices, estimating standing timber, how to market your timber, wildlife considerations and specialty crops. (45 pages)

Available from: LandOwner Resource Centre, Ontario Forestry Association

Forest Management and Silviculture
A Silvicultural Guide to Managing Southern Ontario Forests
A Silvicultural Guide for the White Pine and Red Pine Working Group in Ontario
A Silvicultural Guide for the Tolerant Hardwood Working Group in Ontario
A Silvicultural Guide to Managing for Black Spruce, Jack Pine and Aspen on Boreal Forest Ecosites in Ontario

This series of silvicultural guides, produced by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, provides the latest scientific and silvicultural information. The guides contain recommended strategies, silvicultural treatments and best management practices to achieve ecological sustainability for the different forest types found in Ontario.

Available from: The Forest Shop, Ministry of Natural Resources - Information Centre

The Woodlot Management Handbook
Making the Most of Your Wooded Property for Conservation, Income or Both

This handbook will show you how to get the most out of your property while respecting and protecting its ecological integrity. It provides the answers to some of the most common questions asked by landowners – tree identification, reforestation, conservation practices and techniques for maintaining wildlife habitat, etc. (304 pages)

Available from: The Forest Shop, Ontario Forestry Association

Nut Growing Ontario Style

This guide, produced by the Society of Ontario Nut Growers, is for landowners interested in harvesting nuts and in planting nut-producing trees. The guide provides information on the basics of nut growing for the main tree species found in Ontario - black walnut, chestnut, oak, pawpaw, hickory, etc. (172 pages)

Available from: The Forest Shop

A Guide to Improving and Maintaining Sugar Bush Health and Productivity

This new full colour publication provides guidelines, which will help maple producers, improve and maintain the health and productivity of their sugar bushes. It includes information on the characteristics of productive maple sites and stands, sugar bush and maple orchard management techniques and problems that can affect the sugar bush. This publication replaces the Ontario publications Sugar bush Management for Maple Producers. (137 pages).

Available from: Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association

Design, Installation and Maintenance of Plastic Tubing Systems for Sap Collection in Sugar Bushes

This definitive manual includes comprehensive information on the design, installation and maintenance of modern sap collection systems. It also includes operational profiles for several commercial maple operations.

Available from: Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association

Field and Identification Guides
Forest Plants of Central Ontario

Central Ontario is noted for its diverse mix of conifer and hardwood forest ecosystems. The guide describes more than 300 species of trees, shrubs, wildflowers, ferns, grasses, sedges and mosses. It includes excellent photos and illustrations. It also contains notes on the history, edibility and historical use of each plant. (448 pages)

Available from: The Forest Shop

Forest Raptors & Their Nests in Central Ontario
A Guide to Stick Nests & Their Users

This excellent field guide provides woodlot owners with information to help identify woodland hawks, their nests and their habitat. It also outlines management guidelines you may want to consider implementing in your woodlot management activities. This guide is a key tool used by tree markers in central Ontario. (78 pages)

Available from: LandOwner Resource Centre

Shrubs of Ontario

This field guide has been called the most comprehensive reference book for the identification of native shrubs in Ontario. It covers more than 100 different species of shrubs and contains a comprehensive set of identification keys and scaled line drawings. (495 pages)

Available from: The Forest Shop

Wetland Plants of Ontario

This guide contains information about more than 475 different species of wetland plants. It features colour photographs that will assist you in the identification of the plants in your wetland and includes information about edible wetland plants and their native uses. (440 pages)

Available from: The Forest Shop

Trees in Canada

This book features more than 300 native and introduced tree species found across Canada and the northern United States. Species are organized into 12 groups based on leaf shape for easy identification. It provides detailed descriptions and illustrations of each species – leaf, twig, bark characteristics, flowers and cones. (540 pages)

Available from: The Forest Shop

Trees in Ontario

This comprehensive pocket guide makes tree identification quick and easy. The guide describes 213 species, including native and naturalized tree species and tall shrubs found in Ontario. Colour photos and illustrations are used to highlight the characteristics of each species – bark, leaves, flowers, fruit and seed. (240 pages)

Available from: The Forest Shop

Habitat Enhancement
Caring for Your Land:
A Stewardship Handbook for Carolinian Canada Landowners
A Stewardship Handbook for Niagara Escarpment Landowners

These two handbooks were designed for landowners who have property in these two very unique natural areas – the Niagara Escarpment and the Carolinian forest region of southwestern Ontario. The handbooks provide landowners with information about the special ecosystems of these sites and introduces the reader to practical suggestions for things they can do to protect the special features on their property.

Available from: Centre For Land and Water Stewardship

Enhancement of Wildlife Habitat on Private Lands

This booklet provides landowners with practical information on how to enhance the wildlife habitat on their property. It is a good compilation of information gathered from existing references, with an emphasis on implementing low-cost wildlife projects. (38 pages)

Available from: The Forest Shop

Landowners Guide to Wetland Conservation Planning

This guide describes the benefits of having a conservation plan for your wetland. It outlines the necessary steps required in assessing your property and in establishing a set of goals specific to your interests and tailored to the characteristics of your property. (31 pages)

Available from: The Forest Shop, LandOwner Resource Centre

Managing Small Woodlands for Wildlife

This booklet explains the ecological principles of the forest ecosystem and the elements of a wildlife population. It goes on to describe how wildlife can be integrated into other woodland uses like maple syrup production and the growing of Christmas trees. (32 pages)

Available from: The Forest Shop

Woodlands for Nature
Managing Your Woodland for Wildlife and Nature Appreciation

There is much more to a woodlot than just the trees. This booklet is for woodlot owners interested in managing their properties for wildlife, nature appreciation and environmental protection. It describes activities they can undertake in order to meet their goals. (28 pages)

Available from: Ontario Forestry Association

Trails for the Twenty-first Century

The information in this guide provides landowners with all the essentials for creating an environmentally sound trail system. It provides tips on how to build and maintain a durable natural trail system. Topics include how to plan, design, build and maintain trails. (256 pages)

Available from: The Forest Shop

The Complete Guide to Trail Building and Maintenance

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to plan, design and manage multi-use trail systems. The revised edition includes new information on design standards and techniques in trail construction. (210 pages)

Available from: The Forest Shop

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